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Promoting the production and utilisation of energy crops at European level

Increasing the use of biomass is one of the main objectives of the European Union. Therefore, the ENCROP project will contribute to improve the production and utilisation of lignocellulosic energy crops at the European level. Participating countries are Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland (coordinator) and Belgium as the host of the European Biomass Associations.

ENCROP promotes energy crop business by: increasing the general knowledge; awareness and acceptance about energy crops; disseminating the know-how and results gained in the recent research & development activities; promoting the confidence between the actors of energy production chain; developing crop-to-energy business and contract models; disseminating of information about these types of crops.

The project focus on the two pathways with most prominent application at European level at present: direct combustion and production of biogas.

The focus of this project is to facilitate the development of the market for energy crop production and utilisation by bringing together the actors from the different parts of the crop-to-energy production. Events will help to provide useful information and to build confidence between suppliers and buyers, in order to promote the forming of new contracts. Furthermore, the different business models available are examined, the most suitable business models for each country are selected, and tailor made advice services related to these are designed.

The main direct outputs are in the form of practical demonstrations (harvesting techniques, ...), associated info days and training courses in each country involved. Moreover, national and European seminars, international study tours are organised. A DVD and a handbook for energy crop production and utilisation will be created.

Biogas handbook:
Training course

The BOKU and the strategic partner EEE-Güssing arranged the training course from March to May 2008 (all together 8 days) in Güssing, province of Burgenland. The village of Güssing is famous for it´s pilot plants producing green energy, for the European Center for Renewable Energy (EEE-Güssing) and their concept of local and renewable energy production.

The target group of the training course “Energy Manager for Communities” were communities, who want to build up a local and renewable energy supply.
Participants were project managers of communities or energy companies who are responsible for projects concerning renewable energies, who want to start new projects using energy crops and other biomass or who are responsible for the logistics of fuels.

Presentations of lecturers concerning the training course "Energy Managers for Communities" (Gerfman only):

Ing. Herbert Lammer

DI Manfred Hotwagner

Manfred Breitenbrunner (KWB)

DI (FH) Gerald Peischl

Additional information at http://www.aebiom.org/activities/european-finalized-projects/encrop/

ENCROP is supported by the European Commission under the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme.

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