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Competence Center BIOENERGY 2020+

Basic and pre-competitive research on the energetic utilisation of biomass

The scientific vision of the Competence Center BIOENERGY 2020+ is to strongly support the changeover from fossil fuel utilisation to a more sustainable energy production based on bioenergy with the development and optimisation of appropriate technologies and thereby to contribute to the European and Austrian targets for the 2020 energy scenarios as a major milestone towards a more sustainable and efficient energy utilisation in the 21st century. The Competence Center is owned by the BOKU-University, the Technical Universities in Vienna and Graz, FJ Wieselburg, Joanneum Graz, FH Pinkafeld and the association of industrial partners.

The K1-Competence Center is structured into 3 research-areas:
  1. Biomass combustion
  2. Biomass gasification, fermentation and liquid biofuels and
  3. Modelling and simulation.
The tasks of the IFA-Tulln are located within area II:
  • Pretreatment – Improvement of Substrate Utilization Efficiency in Anaerobic Digestion
The objective of this project is to optimise the solubility of solid substrates for anaerobic digestion by means of specific use of enzymes and microorganisms. As a result methane yields, substrate conversion rates and process stability can be increased leading to lower production costs.
  • Nitrogen Recovery – Improvement of Biogas Quality
Ammonia is removed and recovered from the fermentation process or the end product by means of steam stripping. Based on available experiences with a stripping apparatus at technical scale this process should be optimised for technical applications. By this the usability of biogas for combustion in gas engines or purification techniques can be improved.
  • Optimisation and Simulation – Kinetics of Anaerobic Digestion
Kinetic data from preceding projects are used together with process optimisation tools. The latter enable the mathematical evaluation of the multi-factorial behaviour of the microbial substrate decomposition. By using international accepted activity-models operating-models can be obtained.

Contact: Günther Bochmann

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