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DI Lydia Rachbauer

+43 1 47654-97435

Master’s degree in Food Science and Biotechnology from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Austria).

Erasmus Program at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Master’s thesis on the topic of ICP-method development and optimization in the field of trace metal analysis.

Since 2012 Researcher at the Bioenergy2020+ competence center.

2014 Researcher at ACIB – Austiran Center of Industrial Biotechnology.

Researcher in the Biogas Research and Consulting group at IFA-Tulln with a research focus on:

  • Microbiological biogas desulfurization within the EU-project “TherChem” - Thermochemical pre-treatment technology for residues from breweries and other biomass to enhance anaerobic digestion.
  • Biological biogas upgrading by CO2 conversion with H2 (power-to-gas concept)
  • Fermentative production of next generation biofuels from gaseous substrates (methanogenesis, homoacetogenesis, ABE-fermentation) within the FFG project “Hydrofinery”.

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