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Bochmann GüntherDrosg BernhardGabauer WolfgangHuber VerenaKamarad LudekMeixner KatharinaMontgomery LucyNussbaumer MagdalenaOrtner MarkusRachbauer LydiaStein UllrichTroschl ClemensWindhagauer Matthias

Mag. (FH) Wolfgang Gabauer

+43 1 47654-97424

2001 school leaving examination at the commercial college in Freistadt/Upper Austria

From 2001 to 2003 audit assistant at the financial auditor and financial advisor KPMG Plan Treuhand GmbH Linz (Upper Austria)

From 2003 to 2007 study at the university of applied science - Campus Wieselburg; key course renewable resources and renewable energies.
2006/2007 trainee and diploma thesis at the Biogas Research & Consulting Group. Topic of diploma thesis: "setting up a quality management system in a routine laboratory"

Since 2007 research assistant at the Biogas Research & Consulting Group.
Field of activity:

  • Consulting concerning biological process control of biogas
  • EU-project ENCROP: „Promoting the production and utilisation of energy crops at European level““

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