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Optimization of the energy self-sufficiency of a food processing factory using waste material and by-products through mathematical simulation

The prior aim of this project is the energetic and economical optimisation of an abattoir by combining a sophisticated recuperator network with the heat supply generated in a biogas plant using waste and by-products as well as coming from a geothermal power plant.

Austria has an annual accumulation of about 370.000 tons of animal by-products (TNP) requiring – based on strict national hygienic regulations – a high priced disposal. A small amount of it (between 10 and 20%) is already used as a co-substrate in biogas plants. Due to high protein concentration of animal by-products there was no technical possibility for an exclusively use of such a substrate up to now.

In this context the plant of interest can be seen as an innovation. In completed as well as in ongoing projects the goal was set to utilize 100% of the produced animal by-products in a biogas plant. The energy supply should be solely provided from the combined heat and power unit (CHP) and the on-site geothermal power station.

The project will comprise an extensive analysis of the real load profile of the entire factory (biogas plant included) as well as the analysis of the capacity of the recuperator system. By using appropriate software for the simulation of single energy currents, an optimisation will be achieved by generating a sophisticated recuperator network system including all existing energy currents. As a consequence the effect of the nitrogen reduction in the biogas process should be quantified and simulated as well.

The results of experiments on a laboratory scale providing degradation kinetic data will be used as a basis for the simulation, which will be performed with internationally approved software such as Matlab or Simulink. Finally a programmed process control tool will be installed, which should guarantee higher operating safety on the on hand and higher energetic and economic efficiency on the other hand.

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